Collection of Dua for Yourself and Others!

Dear sisters and brothers: Trials, tribulations and struggles are a part of every individual’s life. But to counter this, Allah has given us a really strong tool — and that’s the application of du’a or requesting Allah for assistance along with also his winner once we desire it. And we desire it all of the time…. Equally importantly, we now all overlook times that Allah has provided us the chance to considerably boost the potency of their Dua’s by inviting people to produce dua’s for different sisters and brothers in Islam. The Prophet (saws) said:

“Once You create a supplication for another believer & he’s not current, an angel would say’identical to you'”

Once Prophet Muhammad Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam passed with a men and women have been afflicted by a sickness. “Why do not they create dua (beg ) to Allah for security,” he explained. Together with all of the challenges and suffering Muslims are confronting in a variety of portions of the Earth, the inquiry can be led to us now. It isn’t that we’ve forgotten dua completely; we all make reference to this regularly. However our thoughts and exercise seeing dua are very twisted.


Dua for Yourself and Others!