Quran and Islamic Articles

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1 How many Prophets mentioned in Quran 17 Tauheed or Shirk
2 What is Zakaat and how to calculate it 18 What is Tajweed and it’s rules
3 What are the rules of Fasting 19 What are the Pillars of Islam
4 What is the concept of Shahada 20 Who wrote the Holy Quran
5 Importance of Prayer in Islam 21 Miracle and Challenge of the Quran
6 Importance of Hajj in Islam 22 Scientist Comments On The Quran
7 Quranic Way of Life in Islam 23 Quranic Prophecies About the Future
8 The Strong Muslim 24 The Quran, Knowledge, and Science
9 Muslims and the University Culture 25 Quran The Miracle of Miracles
10 Tips to Earning Rewards from Allah 26 Giving Priority to the Quran
11 Tolerance in Islam 27 How to be successful in life
12 Being Good to your Parents 28 Women Position in Islam
13 Ruling on the Azaan 29 Different kinds of Charity
14 How To Offer Nimaz 30 Muslims today and Muslims in the past
15 12 Wonders of Jamaat 31 Method of praying Qaza Salahs quickly
16 Excellence of reciting Darood Sharif